We Are Creative Linkage

Creative Linkage is an independent consultancy, specializing in Information and Communications Technologies and Project Management and primarily operating in the Middle East.

Creative Linkage works in close coordination with the consultancy’s network of Middle East correspondents who not only form an active part in the selection and completion of projects, but also ensure that local customs and cultures are respected. Creative Linkage aims to enrich those geographical areas where it operates by fomenting innovative ICT activities aimed at job creation, diversification and Higher Education.

Information and Knowledge Management

Our services: 

We are specialists in the area of Information and Knowledge Management, promoting innovation and implementing best practices. Our consulting methodology is perfectly adaptable to any Scientific Institution or Higher Education center.

We have experience in helping institutions in the areas of scientific international public relations, R&D agreements, global scientific visibility and strategic development planning.

At Creative Linkage, we understand that Education involves the transfer of knowledge, in all its aspects. With that in mind, not only can we provide guidance on the latest ICT practices, but we can design and implement a wide range of products, including specific training, e-learning courses and support.

Creative Linkage has a close working relationship in the Middle East with various public and private institutions to promote areas of activities in engineering, such as content development, institutional relations and the application of new technologies in general.

In such projects Creative Linkage monitors approved projects to ensure that improvements are achieved, as well as the impact produced by the introduction of the designed parameters and procedures.


  • Better understand your institution’s strengths and weaknesses. 
  • Implement your Information System with help from a wide range of technological solutions. 
  • Management Design and Training. 
  • Third party evaluation of scientific impact of your institutes’s research and researchers, including both classic and news forms of scholar communication. 
  • Enhance R&D strategies. 
  • Comparative analysis and benchmarking against similar institutes. 
  • Improve your institution’s worldwide scientific visibility. 
  • Planning of Innovation Strategy and Scientific Public Relations. 

“The true progress is the one that puts the technology within reach of all.” -- Henry Ford