We Are Creative Linkage

Creative Linkage is an independent consultancy, specializing in Information and Communications Technologies and Project Management and primarily operating in the Middle East.

Creative Linkage works in close coordination with the consultancy’s network of Middle East correspondents who not only form an active part in the selection and completion of projects, but also ensure that local customs and cultures are respected. Creative Linkage aims to enrich those geographical areas where it operates by fomenting innovative ICT activities aimed at job creation, diversification and Higher Education.


Building Tailored Visions

Our goal at Creative Linkage is to build an effective and tailored vision that not only meets your demands and expectations, but also provides valuable and measurable benefits.

We look for innovation and identify what is relevant in the working environment.

We create an environment that supports the capability to learn and change from experiences and abilities, using the best models available in the market.

Confidence and professionalism are values that characterize members of the Creative Linkage team.

We respond to the trust that is placed in us with pragmatic solutions and a constant commitment to reach the expected results.